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Vision On Opening Theme, Snippets and Closing Theme 1964 - 1976

Vision On was a British children's television programme, shown on BBC1 from 1964 to 1976 and designed specifically for deaf children. Vision On was conceived and developed by BBC producers Ursula Eason and Patrick Dowling to replace a monthly series For the Deaf, a programme paced slowly enough for children to read captions and subtitles. It was noted in surveys that a favourite for deaf children was Top of the Pops, due to its lively and fast-moving format and the fact that even the profoundly deaf could still enjoy the music's lower frequency notes. Included in the snippets are: "The Animated Plasticine Men" - True name would be welcome. "The Animated Clock" -- An animated cuckoo clock that is either showing signs of trouble or whose parts come to life like a human being. "The Prof" -- A man in a white lab coat (aka film-makers David Cleveland, Tony Amies and David Wyatt) who is usually outdoors doing various humorous things. "The Burbles" -- A couple of unseen people living inside a grandfather clock who converse in speech bubbles, mainly telling puns. Occasionally they are heard speaking the lines as if they are underwater, but other times there are just the speech bubbles. "The Gallery" -- A section consisting of artwork sent into the show by viewers, with the name and age of the artist being shown alongside the artwork. Often the artwork shown on a specific show coincided with the theme of the show. "The Digger" -- A "cut-out" cartoon man designed and animated by Bill Mather and George Dunning. Each week on a construction site he digs into the dirt with a shovel until something interesting is dug up. The show featured Pat Keysell, a teacher for deaf children, Tony Hart, the artist, Ben Benison and Sylvester McCoy: mime artistes.

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