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Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn Theme and Montage 1995

Of course not a TV theme, never the less an amazing game which oozed success on all fronts. The game had a hard core theme to it, and was really the forerunner to all similiar games today. I've constructed and edited parts from the in game videos, underlined with the main theme song "Just Do It". There is also a bit of recorded game play of mine (I lost!). Command & Conquer (abbreviated C&C) is a 1995 real-time strategy video game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive. Set in an alternate history of modern day, the game tells the story of a world war between two globalized factions: the Global Defense Initiative of the United Nations and a cult-like militant organization called the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the mysterious Kane. The groups compete for control of Tiberium, a mysterious substance that slowly spreads across the world. Westwood first conceived Command & Conquer during the final stages of Dune II's development, and it expands on ideas first explored in that title. Inspired by the events of the era, particularly the Gulf War, the team gave the game a modern warfare setting. The game contains live-action full motion video cutscenes, which star Westwood employees and a single professional actor, Joseph D. Kucan, who plays Kane. Command & Conquer was a commercial and critical success, selling over three million copies and winning numerous awards. It has been cited as the title that defined and popularized the real-time strategy genre. The game was the first in the Command & Conquer series, which sold 30 million copies by 2009. To mark the 12th anniversary of the franchise, Electronic Arts, the current publisher and owner of the series, released the game for free in 2007.

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