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American Assassinations on TV 1963 - 1968 (What The World Needs Now is Love)


The 1960's was a very sad and tragic decade for the USA. Vietnam was in full swing, killing many young American boys, and robbing families of their loved children. African Americans were being treated like second class citizens robbed of their most basic of needs.

Many attempts were made by John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert F. Kennedy, to stop the slaughter in Vietnam. Slain in their tracks, was the most popular President the USA had ever had, and his hopeful brother, Robert, who was most likely to follow in his footsteps in 1968.

Martin Luther King was also slain for his attempt to try and stop the Vietnam war, and make major strides to bring the African American, a chance to live like anyone else, and be treated as a human being.

We have put together the these three grievous, and cowardly murders to the sound of Tom Clay's, "What the World Needs Now is Love". There are many versions of this on the internet, but we are very proud of the work, that's been going into this for the last few months.

Actual film, some quite rare, of the events as they happened on American Television, from footage to new reports.

To add edge to the video, Louis Armstrong sings his stirring track, "What a Wonderful World", recorded during this decade of hate, and lack of tolerance, singing words of hope and change.

This video is downloadable, so if you would like it for a school project, please go ahead.

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