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Hi, and thanks for stopping by by the way! Well not sure if anyone will read this, but these are my thoughts on copyright. 

I'll speak in plain English, as its easier for me to get my point across!

Firstly, yes I do believe in copyright. I am a landscape artist, and would be upset if someone printed off my paintings and hung up them up on their wall withought even a "by your leave". And these tv themes I have on here are just about all infringing on copyright.

My argument is they are just very small 'snippets' of classic themes we all grew up with and loved. And when you watch one, you may just go out and buy the DVD. So there are like samples if you will. Like when Colgate or Johnson's send you a sample of shampoo to your mailbox.

I have  had one Youtube account closed because of three strikes of infringment on various themes. One was a 15 second part of a video with credits at the end. Now when I first started up that channel I emailed Fox and asked for permission to show a 30 second theme of 'Lost In Space', and said I would link back to Fox. This was flatly refused with no reason given. Oh I eventually got around it by changing the sequence of some of the frames.

Now to me this is absolutely stupid and idiotic. I would never upload full episodes of a TV series or a movie. I'll let other people do that. I would rather buy a DVD of it. I just bought season one of Star Trek Voyager. As thats how I roll. But to punish someone for just showing a clip of a theme, despite section 107 of the 1977 copyright act, (which allows for fair use of material for educational and research purposes) to me just doesnt make sense. 

Hence you can go to my Amazon tab here and buy the DVD. Yes I make a miniscual amount towards a voucher, which means I may be able to buy a DVD of a TV show! But in all fairness I am an affiliate of Amazon and support the purchase of that material.

So in closing, I would love to know your views on all this. SO join up, and discuss. I wont send you anything in your email box, I dont believe in that, but its just the way this works unforunately. Copyright to me is just big companies squeezing every last penny out of you, and they dont want you to remember these programs by watching a quick reminder clip, you just have to buy it. This 'museum' of TV themes is here as a reminder of those days, and assist in your 'research' and can 'educate' you if you dont remember that program, or have never seen it.

Good luck, God bless, May the force be with you as I raise my hand and give you a Vulcan finger salute.

Clive (TeeVees Greatest)

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